Publishing a board game independently

There is always a fear of how to start… so let me just make eye contact with you and start talking…

I have an Italian friend. He designed a game. He showed it at a convention. It won a minor award. A board game company became interested. They signed a contract. And the rest is history you might think. Except no… I asked my friend how much did they pay him, you know, the materialist that I am. They gave him 1000 Euros (less than 1200 USD) and a royalty of 2.9%. But royalty payments will be first offset against this initial 1000 Euro payment, so he will only see any additional 2.9% royalty after they sell more than 5000 copies.

I was already in the process of making my game. And I thought… how is that supposed to work in the long term? Are we supposed to be giving away our ideas, basically for free, for the greater glory of seeing our name in print, or something? No way! This is Age of the Internet, and we don’t have to ask anyone for permission, we just have to come up with a good product. Or so I think. Life will prove me this year right or wrong. My Italian friend is not quitting his day job yet. Neither am I (my night job, actually) but I’m scaling it down and going for it. And if we succeed we aim to help others like us go for it.

Tune in here for my thoughts on games, game design and occasionally, living and doing business in Taiwan… I’m an Aussie but I thought I’d be setting up shop in Europe. However, the pandemic had other plans… and so here I am stuck in beautiful Taipei, Taiwan of all places.

Keywords: independent game publishing

This and other stories on game creation and publishing, including the SEO haiku(s), are available on the freshly minted website.

This article has been edited to reflect the additional information obtained on the exact royalty arrangements.



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